The markets related to the flooring industry can be divided in floor preparation, floor renovation and floor maintenance. Kiwi Floor Solutions will offer machines and products which are all developed to meet the requirements of the individual processes of each market.

Floor preparation

Floor preparation is a fast growing market. Preparing concrete surfaces for coatings, overlays or repair is an important first step. Diamond grinding is an efficient method for removing epoxies, glues and paint. A clean, debris free and level surface essential to get the best end result.

Floor renovation

Wooden floors | parquet

Professionals have been sanding parquet and other wooden floors using a belt sander. The planetary sanding method has been applied for decades, but is not yet a substitute for belt sanding. We are confident that the Kiwi Floor 430 line and the more powerful Kiwi Floor machines yet to come will be the appreciated substitutes for the belt sander.

Concrete | natural stone

Renovating floors of concrete and natural stone can best be done by using machines that are heavy and powerful. High-end equipment complemented with high-quality diamond tools can significantly improve the performance and the results.


Floor cleaning

Kiwi Floor solutions will soon introduce innovative machines and products within the cleaning industry. Keep following us for updates…