Company Info

Our Company

Kiwi Floor Solution is a new innovative organisation to serve the flooring industry. We combine extended field experience, practical knowledge, innovation and ambition to be a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of machines, tools, abrasives and other flooring products.


In 2007 the founder of Kiwi Floor Solutions, Edward Lagerwaard, started his company in the field of floor preparation, floor renovation, cleaning and maintenance. While continuously gaining experience on floors of wood, concrete and natural stone the passion grew stronger and led to the development of distinctive high-end machinery.

Knowledge leads to innovation 

New regulations and technological developments have been a motivation to innovate. We use practical knowledge for developing new and improving existing products. We pride ourselves on our Block-in Drive System with central dust extraction. This revolutionary new drive system is a game changer for floor working machines as it increases versatility and torque significantly, while decreasing problems caused by dust. The need of trained mechanics is reduced to a minimum as the construction is designed for a quick fix for most of the issues that may occur.

Our Mission

The flooring industry exists of increasingly attractive markets and already has established competition. To enter the market and grow market share we need to distinguish ourselves with innovative machines and products.

Merging markets

Some processes are more overlapping as planetary machines are increasingly used in the wooden floor market. We regard this merging of markets to be an opportunity for Kiwi Floor machines. We have developed our machines to be all-round and without concessions. Next to grinding and polishing of concrete and natural stone our machines can be used as a replacement for the classic belt sander to sand wooden floors.


Our own Kiwi Floor machines are equipped with the Block-in Drive System with central dust extraction. With this system we have a big advantage if it comes to offering more powerful, more versatile and more user friendly floor working machines. This unique drive system is currently patented in the US and pending in the EU.

Global positioning and distribution

We are determined to make Kiwi Floor Solutions a success throughout the world. Soon we will have an office for sales and distribution in the Netherlands and perhaps New Zealand in the nearby future, enabling us to enter the European market and the markets of Australia and New Zealand.